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How Branding Impacts Your Bottom Line

We have good news and bad news:


The bad news is your product or service might not be viewed as very special.
The good news is your business, products, and services can be presented as very special.


In a world where substitute products exist at equal or lesser price points from an infinite, worldwide network of retailers, all at consumers’ fingertips, what differentiates your company in the eyes of your customer? Branding.

Branding goes beyond a logo or font, and encompasses everything your brand puts out in the world so it becomes the primary determining factor of your customers’ perception of your business and value proposition. Branded assets include (the familiar) your website, logo, font set, color palette, uniforms, brochure designs, business cards and imagery. Branding also includes a less traditional take on style: your copy, the nature of your content, your customer service and brand mood. The styles, colors, graphics, imagery, language and quality of service you employ will impact your customer’s experience with your brand.
Your customer relies on visual and textual cues from your brand’s assets to determine your brand’s personality, and furthermore their own personal compatibility with your brand. This translates to whether they’re willing to spend dollars with you, or if they’ll seek your offerings with one of your competitors for a better experience.
In a nutshell, your customer’s perception of your brand is almost entirely determined by your branding. And in a retail era of one-click-away substitutes, that perception can make or break whether your customer shops with you or someone else.
You can’t expect great brand loyalty without a great brand and brand experience. Enhanced and targeted branding which speaks to your customers’ personality, style, and tastes let’s your customer know, “I’m who you’ve been searching for. I have what you need, and we will enjoy our experience together.” You can achieve this through attractive, clean and modern design and imagery, strategic use of copy, innovative marketing strategies, and utter consistency. Add to this genuine customer relationships, and timely compassionate customer service, and your brand will be a surefire winner!
Tap Fresh View Partners, which has dedicated branding experts on its team, to ensure your branding is focused, consistent, sending the right message to your customers, and converting positive brand perception to brand loyalty and conversions.
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