Fresh View Favorites: SiteGround Hosting

As experts in integrated marketing technologies, website development, and eCommerce, we have seen it all: the good, the bad, and the barely functioning. From poorly developed and rarely maintained plug-ins, to never-updated WordPress sites, to dated hosting environments, and hacked websites — we know what to look for when clients ask us to troubleshoot. So when we find a technology that can consistently perform for our clients, and works like a breeze, we want to shout it from the rooftops.
With that said, we bring you the Fresh View Favorites. In this series, we’ll tell you our top recommended technologies, which we’d stake our reputation on.
SiteGround is, without a doubt, the best, most reliable and state-of-the-art hosting company we’ve come across. Most other companies — we won’t name names, but YES we mean the popular ones you’ve undoubtedly heard of that claim they offer WordPress hosting — provide LONG support wait times, slower pagespeed, and less robust hosting management controls for shared plans.

With SiteGround hosting, expect better website performance thanks to their advanced speed-boosting technologies, clear competitive pricing with no up-selling, incredibly fast and knowledgeable technical support, automated site backups, multi-layered Security, plus Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates!
Don’t just take our word on it, it is officially recommended by We trust in SiteGround so dutifully, that we will manage the migration of our clients’ sites there for free.
Did we mention they just permanently reduced their pricing? This is not a sponsored post, and the loyalty of Fresh View Partners cannot be bought, but for the sake of complete transparency, if you use our affiliate link, we will earn a small commission (and just so you know, these affiliate commissions are offered by most hosting providers). We only recommend the best to our clients, because we know whom they’re going to call if their site has a breakdown. We try and save ourselves the frustrating work of resolving unnecessary tech riddles by laying a foundation of the best possible tools — and the best is SiteGround.
Make the switch today.
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