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5 Quick Rules Of Thumb For Keyword SEO Optimization

Getting to the top of Google is at the top of most of our clients’ minds. Here’s a 5 Quick Rules of Thumb for your sites’ page content and SEO, relating to the use of keywords:

1. If the keyword isn’t on the page – it isn’t going to rank well (or at all) for that keyword.
2. If the keyword isn’t in the H1 and title of the page, it is going to be tougher to rank for that keyword.
3. If the keyword isn’t in the url, the task becomes more difficult.
4. Your use of any keyword needs to be relevant and natural in the copy (“natural” meaning: it can’t sound robotic or forced).
5. Utilize keywords on a page in such a way as to describe the meaning of the page, the uniqueness of the page, and the action required for users (if any) on the page.

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